How To Crowdfund With Cryptocurrency for Free


Never any fees!  All donations are peer to peer and deposited directly into the crypto wallet of your choice.


As cryptocurrencies become more popular, many crowdfunders have turned to programs utilizing them. 


Sending bitcoin to your favorite ‘Cause’ is easy and fast  via your smartphone or computer/laptop. Usually payments are received within an hour or less. Sending and receiving cryptos is much less expensive than wiring currency or dealing with a 3rd party payment processor.  

Many crowdfunding sites charge immense fees thus the website owners are lining their pockets while you’re doing all the campaigning.  Yes, I realize you’re paying for their website and program, but the fees can be astronomical.  You may not receive a penny if you don’t reach your target.

I feel strongly you should receive the full amount of bitcoin donated. After all, why would you need donations, right??!!

Bitcoin Management Systems will not charge any fees, now or in the future, however the Blockchain or Segwit does charge fees for sending cryptos, which are nominal compared to wire transfers or 3rd party payment processors.  

It is important to note that  these  great services are helping lots of people achieve their business and personal dreams without having to rely on bank loans.  I fully support more people raising capital with these services.

With this post, I am trying to highlight the added long-term utility of ALSO accepting Bitcoin alongside existing crowdfunding infrastructure to help bring more of these tools to the global market

Program Features

Free personal blog

Blogs automatically posted to social media, managed and promoted by Bitcoin Management Systems

Donations go directly to you from peer to peer donors.  We never interfere with your donations

Free support from our Skype community


All we ask is that you consider leaving our cause a small stipend from time to time .


So, take Crypto Fund Me for Free for a spin.

 Are you ready to start your fundraiser? 

View the following articles on starting your fundraising campaign and then register your campaign.
Step 1.  Create a compelling name

Step 2.  Tell your story

Step 3.  Social Media

Step 4.  Create a Bitcoin Wallet










Then invite your community through email and social media to view your funding campaign.  Encourage people to share your campaign when they donate.  Try to get your most loyal supporters contributing right at the start to show demand, others might be more likely to give.

To donate bitcoin, scan the QR code or copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address:


Thank you!